Classic beauty treatment

Cosmetic treatment
Cleaning with compresses, peeling, herbal steam,
cleansing (as needed), face massage & neck loosening,
active substance ampoule, mask, day care

Special programs

Acne treatment 
Skin analysis, cleaning, enzyme mask,
herbal steam, cleansing,
acne ampoule (propolis vitamin A),
Acne Control Peel Off Mask,
final treatment, 

Anti couperose treatment 
cleaning, enzyme peeling mask,
 anti couperose ampoule,
 anti couperose gel, aask,
pressure massage, final treatment.

Cleaning treatment for young skin
Cleaning, peeling, herbal steam, cleansing,
 soothing mask, day cream.

Cosmetics for men

The men have also discovered the   beauty care  for themselves. They take care of their face and body with special for men developed cosmetics. These cosmetics are specially produced for men, because men’s skin differs form women skin.  

Anti - Aging Treatment:
Cleaning, peeling, herbal steam,
 cleansing, ampoule, eye ampoule,
Anti - Aging algen mask, face massage,
 eyebrow shaping, day care 50€

Deep Cleansing Treatment:
Cleaning, peeling, herbal steam,
 cleansing, soothing mask,
 completion cream 50€

Depilation of breast and back or armpits,
with hot wax from  15€

Relaxation massages

Anti - Aging Programs

Oxygen Treatment
Cleaning, peeling, herbal steam, cleansing (as needed),
Hyaluronic Acid ampoule, Oxygen Vital Serum,
 face lift massage, Q10 Complex with oxygen,
 mask, completion cream

Celltresor luxury treatment 
Cleaning, peeling, herbal steam,
 cleansing (as needed), gel ampoule, Celltresor fleece mask,  massage with Celltersorcreme

Collagen Intensive Fleece treatment
Cleaning, peeling, herbal steam, collagen with C + D + S complex ampoule, Collagen Intensive Fleece mask, massage with Collagen cream, completion cream  (Aqua Collagen Plus)

Additional programs

Substance ampoule 4€
Eye ampoule 4€
Collagen – eye web –  6€
Neck&dekollete' lifting 14€
Throat pack 6€ day
Face lift massage 15€
Eyebrow shaping 4€
Eyebrow tinting 5€
Eyelash tinting 5€


In the classic wax method is the honey-based wax heated and applied on the skin.
Non-woven strips  are placed on the skin and with a pull removed with the hair.
the duration of this hair removing method is approx.  four  weeks.
The hair grows much more slowly and often, only singly.

Hot wax hair removal
Lower leg 25€
whole legs 40€
armpits 13€
Upper lip or chin 6€