Traditional medical massage

With the full body massage tensions and indurations of the muscles are solved.
With die improved blood flow  the cells are better supplied with oxygen and nuitrients.
The relaxation of the back – and neck muscles by  directed  relaxing.

Classic full body massage 60min 50€
Classic full body massage 90min 60€
Back Massage 30min 25€
Neck Massage 20min 25€
Hand Massage 20min 15€
Foot Massage 30min 25€

Lomi Lomi Nui (Hawaii)

Die Lomi Lomi Nui is a  Hawaiian massage ritual. During this Massage  you will be massaged with hands and forearms. The rhythmic deep gong and  gently flowing  massage techniques solves  the tensions and have a regenerating and vitalizing effect.

Lomi Lomi Massage 65 Euro

La Stone treatment

This massage is a fascinating  combination of  Massage , energy healing work  pleasant effect of hot Basalt stones. Basalt is a (sillicic acid poor) volcanic rock. It consists mostly of mix of iron - and Magnesium-silicates with Olivine and Pyroxene and also  calcium -rich feldspar (plagioclase). The intensive temperatures  and the special massage techniques have a special effects on the whole nervous system, the blood circulation, the metabolism and the muscles. 

La Stone Massage 65 Euro

Ayurveda | Grashan and Abhyanga

With Grashan expects you a stimulating whole body massage with flossgloves. This massage is performed without oil. With this technique we stimulate: the blood circulation, the skin metabolism  and the lymph.

The Abhyanga ist he most known and effective ayurveda Massage. A high effective deep relaxation treatment, that stimulates the purification and cell renewal  and strengthens the immune system  This lovely oiling of the whole body is a treat for the senses.

Ayurveda treatment 70 Euro


In this Tape technique  is a very elastic and self-adhesive farbic tape used –  Kinesio-Tape, it’s a special treatment  of many problems . As a medicine free treatment method is the Kinesio Taping also very effective by pain treatment.

Kinesio tape laying 10 Euro.

Breuß and Dorn

Breuß Method
The Rudolf Breuß  Massage is a very soft massage, that mental and physical tensions solves. Through  gentle stretching  of the spinal column the intervertebral discs "aereted" and the St.John’s wort oil can  involve in the body. The regeneration of the intervertebral discs is stimulated. The negative energy is derived with a special tailored silk paper – a very soft massage, it’s a good alternative for osteoporosis patients, 

Almost everybody have a pelvic obliquity. The consequences of pelvic obliquity  are scoliotic spinal changes and displacements  in lumbar-, breast- and cervical spine. It can ends with herniated discs.

The Dorn -Therapy should correct functional leg differences and vertebra, that are not in their right position, without mechanical pressure. This is possible only with help of moves, that the patient have to make.

From any vertebra discs exits a pair of nerves, that is responsible for a special body part, the stimulation of them is very good for the body parts.

This method was prepared mostly in Germany. It’s used in back - and joint problems. The Dorn-Method is sometimes  linked with Rudolf Breuß for more  muscle relaxing, and to make the Dorn method easier.  

Dorn und Breuß treatment 65€

Honig Massage

Thermal wellness and relaxation
Die valuable honey massage  with sticky consistence stimulates the blood circulation .With the use of massage oils and  cleaning fluid honey ginger provides an  exclusive experience for the senses.

Honey treatment surcharge 15 Euro.