Pedicure / manicure

- Relaxing and callus healing  foot bath
- Shorten of the nails
- Removal of callus skin
- Sanding of thickened nails
- Treatment of corns
- final blood circulating with cream or massage oil
- On request painting of the nails

Pedicure from  23€
Painting 7€
Complete 30€

Manicure 18€
Painting 4€
Hand peeling and massage 5€

The paraffin bath

The paraffin bat his a excellent warming method, it provides a good skin elasticity of the skin and connective tissue. The paraffin bath makes a dehydrated skin soft, smooth and provides a fresh and healthy look, also  stimulates the blood circulation und loosens stiff joints. 

Price Wellness-Paraffin treatment for the  Hands or Feets : 15,00 €

Relaxing foot massage

Relaxing foot massage 30min 20Euro